Selling Your Property

Selling your home is one of the most important transactions you will ever undertake. It involves time, money and let’s face it - a lot of effort.

Like so many things, expert advice makes all the difference and it’s my business to provide exactly that.

Real estate is about people, not just property. Selling your home or property can be a challenge and feel overwhelming.


However, with the confidence of a sound plan and reliable support from Benita you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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Freshen Up Your Home 

It’s no secret that spring tends to be a busy time for buyers as more homes tend to be listed than during the cooler seasons of the year. If you’re looking to sell in spring here are five ways to freshen up your home and help it stand out from the crowd.

Spring clean

As the name suggests, spring is the perfect time to clean, tidy and generally de-clutter your home. De-cluttering in particular is an important step to take when listing your home for sale, as clutter can detract from the potential of your home, with buyers unable to properly envisage themselves living there. If it doesn’t put them off making an offer, it can hurt the offer they put in, with some research suggesting buyers commonly under-value cluttered homes.


Get gardening

Spring is also a great time of year to get in there and tidy the garden. Why not take advantage of the ideal climate and plant some new ornamental, but fast-growing and hardy plants as well to add to your homes curb-appeal. It’s also important to weed the property, keep the lawn looking its best through regular mowing, and make sure that any clutter which does not belong outside is brought in, or thrown away.


Finish odd-jobs

If you’ve been meaning to finish painting the spare bedroom or fixing the back fence, spring is the perfect time to get it done. Not only is the weather more favorable, but buyers will certainly notice half-finished paint jobs or any repairs that are needed and they may be inclined to subtract the total amount of odd-jobs from any offer they make or turn their interest towards a home that’s ready to move in as is.

Freshen-up furniture

Have you been meaning to donate a few pieces of old furniture to charity or upgrade a tired looking couch. Whilst you may be holding off the purchase of new furniture until after you move home, don’t let it be at the expense of selling your current property. If furniture is only slightly dated, why not spruce it up? Add new, bright cushions to couches and chairs or throw a crisp, white table cloth over a tired dining table.

If furniture is particularly worn or dated, why not consider moving it out of the home and having your property professionally staged for sale? That way an expert can select the pieces that will best complement your home and make it as attractive as possible to buyers.

Don’t forget about the finishing touches

Once the garden is looking great, the house is clean and tidy and maintenance is sorted, don’t forget to make sure the house looks like a home. This can be as simple as placing fresh-cut flowers in a vase on the dining table, or fresh fruit in an attractive bowl on the kitchen bench. Remember to charm all of the senses when preparing your home for sale and light candles, or bake during an open home to make the house as inviting as possible.