Property Checklist

If you are considering buying a new property, use this checklist for your own inspection before engaging a professional inspector. This might help you rule out a property before going too far through the purchase process:

  • Is the house insulated?

  • Do you see any leaks, water stains or suspicious new paint anywhere?

  • Do you see any cracks or bulges on walls (could be due to subsidence, moisture or condensation)?

  • Is there sufficient natural light in the house?

  • Is noise control within the house adequate?

  • Are the hot water cylinder and header tank securely fastened?

  • Are there any water pressure/plumbing problems (check by turning on several taps at once)?

  • Also, turn on the shower to make sure it has good pressure and is hot.

  • If the property is connected to gas, are gas pipes working properly (turn on several outlets at once and make sure the flame is strong and high)?

  • Do all fans and rangehoods vent to the outside?

  • Are all windows and doorframes in good condition?

  • Do any of the windows stick?

  • Do all doors close properly?

  • Is there any mould in wardrobes, cupboards or bathrooms?

  • Are toilets and cisterns in good condition?

  • Are there any signs of damp?

  • Are there any signs of borer?

  • Get on to the roof and check for any signs of rust or cracked tiles.

  • Do the gutters show any signs of rust or cracking?

  • Are metal flashings over windows and doors rusted?

  • Is there rust or staining on the exterior walls?

  • If it is a property with a plaster finish, are there any cracks in the plaster, in particular around windows, doors and corners?

  • Is there any dampness around windows and doors?

  • Go under the house and check the piles. Are there any missing piles or any that are no longer supporting the house?

  • Are the piles solid or is there any sign of rot?

  • Look for any floor problems that may be hidden from above.

  • Check for gaps in the flooring, dampness and borer.

  • Are the fences in good condition?


Other considerations:
  • Are there any protection orders over trees or buildings on the property?

  • What is the zoning for that property, as well as adjoining properties?

  • Is a LIM report available?

  • Is there, or has there been, a claim to the Weathertight Homes Resolution Service?

  • What is the government rating valuation for the property?

  • Have all building consents been obtained?

  • How much are the rates?

  • If the property has been rewired recently, is there an electrician's Certificate of Compliance?

  • Is the property likely to flood in heavy rain?


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