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Buying or Selling Property - Getting the right advice before signing

Author : Jo Reuben, Reuben McGeachie Law

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We are making a good job of fighting Covid-19 as a team of five million – and selling or buying a property is no different… To sell for maximum value or to secure the home of your dreams – the secret is to have a good team from the moment you decide to sell or buy – a team of professionals who can support you through one of life’s most major decisions and ensure you succeed. ‘Hard and Fast’ is how we Kiwis have tackle Covid-19 – and in this climate it is the only way to approach the property market.

At Reuben McGeachie Law we like to work with your real estate agent to ensure a stress-free process, so how exactly can we add value?

Record of Title – When selling we can approve your title in advance of a contract being signed – this avoids requisitions which can result in costly delay that prevents your sale becoming unconditional. When buying it is critical you receive ‘good’ title – unencumbered and non-defective - this is especially important when buying at auction as there is no later opportunity to requisition the title. Let us pre-approve the same for you so you can bid confidently.

Building Report – When buying it is common to find lenders condition your finance offer as being subject to a building report. A report gives peace of mind as to structural integrity and is especially important on properties over 50 years old which can potentially be uninsurable. Vendors sometimes provide a report – it is important to realise a purchaser cannot rely on a report that is not addressed to them but it can offer reassurance especially with a plaster clad property.

LIM Report – When auctioning your home, it is standard practice to provide a vendor LIM Report. Despite the cost, this is also worth considering even if you are selling by negotiation or deadline treaty – as providing a LIM allows buyers to submit clean offers with confidence and fewer conditions means a faster sale. Conversely when buying, a LIM allows us to assure you that the property has the correct consents, is insurable and allows us to identify any hazards you should be aware of.

For the vendor – ensure you take your property to the market having allowed us to work with you and your agent to identify and remedy any issues in advance eliminating the potential for buyers to drive you and your agent down on price…

For the purchaser – allow us to pre-approve any supporting documents the agents can make available to you to maximise your chances of your offer being successful.

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